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Is there any chance of getting a test page of the cards to see how well they print?  

And just out of curiosity why tarot sized cards and not poker/tcg sized?  


Sure! Shoot me an email at and I will send you back a sample set of print and play cards. As for the reason why the cards are so large. The PDF actually explains this haha.  So, just copy and pasting that here. "Well, the idea is to allow all participants in a session to be able to see these cards from across the table. It also gives more room for info."

"Well, the idea is to allow all participants in a session to be able to see these cards from across the table. It also gives more room for info."

OMG!! that makes so much sense!

What is the best printing settings to get them to be tarot size? I've just started printing at home. My 8.5x11 comes out to small to be tarot card sized.

Hey Conley! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. These  cards are laid out on vertical A4 sheets. That said, they should print just fine on 8.5x11 US standard sheets. To insure they print to scale when you enter the print dialogue uncheck "Scale To Fit" if it is selected. It may also help to set the document to print with center alignment top and bottom so that it is not offset to the upper left  corner. A little of the top and bottom  of each page may get cropped off using this method but it will print the cards to scale. Each card should print at the size 2.75" x 4.75" (70 mm x 120 mm) If they are this size but still don't fit check your tarot card sleeves. There are actually a few variations on the Tarot card size and I have run into oversized sleeves a few times. Hope this helps! Best of luck printing! Reach back out if you continue to have issues and I will see what more I can do to assist.


Thanks for your continued work on this. Proud to be a supporter. I just downloaded the digital copies to look over. Cheers


Thank you for your patience with me and the kind words! I am excited to have the pdfs officially out.



Glad to see this and can't wait to get my scvm covered hands on the physical cards!

I have a feeling the digital version of this is coming soon....could it be?

lol, sorry, 3 months is a long wait but here it is. :D


I'm so excited! Thanks for all your hard work.

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I missed the KS but I need this... digital, physic, or even in my flesh. Hope it can be bought soon, the add-ons would be available too?

Hey! Thanks for checking in! When the pledge manager finally goes live all the things will be there waiting for you.  :D Bear with me and signup to get notified when its ready for you with the link below.  Thanks again for your interest in the project! 

Any further update on this?

Hey Whiizom, thanks for checking in on this project. I updated the main KS campaign page with a project update a while back to let everyone know the project is alive and well. I have simply been working on the solo/coop zine alot and have recently moved homes, it has taken me a while to get back into the swing of things. I am behind schedule, but plan on digital versions going out to backers by July. Physical copies will take longer as they have yet to even go to the printer yet. I apologize for the delay. Life have recently just been eating up alot of my personal work time. I again apologize for the delay. I had hoped to have the project done and to the printer by now but life had other things planned. :( 

hell yes ☠️ ⚔️ 🩸 


Thanks for the comment! The phrase "Hell yes" has never made me feel more appreciated. lol Please do spread the word about the project. I am no social media master lol.