Tantrabobus of the southern wells

I just released Tantrabobus of the southern wells for the FÖLK-LORE game jam! It's a mini monster manual for a very strange creature that lives in wells and eats babies of course. Its free, so give it a download and let your players try and get a drink of water. pain and death await them.

Also, If you like this project check out a Kickstarter i am running at the moment called The Box of Shadows. Its a MÖRK BORG compatible 30+ (now 50+ via stretch goals) page scenario in PDF format focused on the city of Grift and a Shadowy God of Death produced for Zine Quest 3.



Tantrabobus of the Southern Wells - A FÖLK-LORE Submission.pdf 13 MB
Feb 15, 2021

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